Ridge Culver Fire
Ridge Culver Fire

Property taxes do not support the Ridge-Culver Fire Association. We are a not-for-profit organization which provides volunteer response to over 1600 emergencies throughout our district every year. Please Mail your Tax Deductible Donation to:

Ridge Culver Fire Association
2960 Culver Rd.
Rochester, NY 14622


The Ridge-Culver Fire Department was organized in 1921 and incorporated in 1922 to protect lives and property in an area of Irondequoit known as the Ridge Culver Fire District. The fire house waslocated in a building at the rear of the present service station on the northeast corner of Ridge and Culver Roads. A subscription fund was launched among area residents and a 350 gallon pumper was obtained. It was the first motorized pumper in Monroe County. Through the assistance of The Civil Work Administration a firehouse was built in the fall of 1933 on Culver Road, south of Ridge. The estimated cost was $15,000. In the summer of 1934 a fire district was formed following approval of district taxpayers. The governing body consists of five fire commissioners, and a treasurer elected by the people, and a secretary who is appointed by the commission.

In 1939 and 1941 new 500 gallon pumpers were put into service eliminating the original pumper. In 1947, through the efforts of fire department carnivals and turkey festivals, a new emergency truck was acquired. In 1956 and 1958, two new 750 gallon pumpers were put into service eliminating the 1939 pumper. The 1941 pumper was retained for reserve service. A building reserve program was inaugurated in 1959 for $75,000. In 1960 and 1961 the alarm and communications system was upgraded with radio tones to activate sirens and home receivers for firemen so they might be informed of the alarm before departure.

In 1963, a strip of land 108 feet wide by 250 feet deep, on the south side of the old firehouse, was acquired in exchange for a 45 x 250 feet strip of land abutting firehouse property on the north side. The exchange was made at no cost to the taxpayers. In the spring of 1963 a bond issue was passed by the district voters authorizing construction of a new firehouse and the purchase of aerial-type apparatus which was requested by the fire underwriters. In June 1963 an aerial-type platform, called a Snorkel, was obtained and it was the first apparatus of this type in Monroe County.

The new firehouse was started in October of 1963 and completed September 1, 1964. In June 1964 through the efforts of the fire department’s fund drive, a salvage truck was purchased. The fire department has six pieces of emergency equipment maintained by volunteer firemen. There are 70 active firemen headed by a chief, assistant chief and a captain and lieutenant for each piece of equipment.

During 1963 there were 172 alarms received and there were 100 fire drills. With the beginning of the fire district in 1934 the assessed valuation was estimated at $2,500,000 with a full value of $5,000,000. In 1964 the assessed valuation in the district reached $25,000,000 with full valuation over $80,000,00. Now in 2004 the fire district has purchased three new pumpers and is adding on to the present firehouse. The new addition will have more office space on the north side of the building and two more bays for apparatus.
This expansion is do to the growing needs of the district with the addition for paid personnel around the clock there is a need for bunk space and showers and much needed office space.

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