Firehouse closed to the public
By Captain Mark Thomas
March 15, 2020

In light of the current pandemic, the Ridge Culver Fire Department has adopted the advice of the Monroe County Health Department and our Medical Director and made some large scale changes to our operational model.

Our service to the public is our main mission. We are here to serve you and we must make these changes to ensure that we're able to continue to provide the highest levels of service during this time. Our ability to maintain our core mission/essential services such as fire protection and emergency medical services hinges on the ability of our career staff and volunteers to respond.

Due to the nature of our mission, were COVID-19 to make its way into the firehouse, it could quickly hamper our ability to maintain our high levels of service.

Therefore, we have decided to close the firehouse to the public until further notice. All outside activities hosted at the firehouse have been cancelled, as well as many of our internal activities.

We have adopted a limited EMS response model in an effort to protect our staff and our community. We are still continuing to respond to serious and life threatening emergencies however. Where we are limiting our response is to high-risk locations and for low acuity calls.

Our car seat program, as well as our blood pressure clinics and school outreach programs have been suspended until further notice.

If you call an ambulance, and we respond, you may see us in masks and glasses as well as the standard gloves. We are doing this to ensure our ability to respond and to continue helping you throughout this event and we ask for your patience and your support.

You can help, by following the recommendations of maintaining social distancing of 6' or more between other people, frequently washing your hands, and self-monitoring for cold or flu like symptoms such as fever, cough or upper respiratory infections. If you do have these symptoms please tell your medical providers right away so they can assist you in the best ways possible.

Again, thank you for your understanding and stay safe.

Steve Sessler
Fire Chief