Veteran's Day
By Captain Mark Thomas
November 11, 2020

Ridge Culver FD, St. Paul FD, & Irondequoit Police Departments took a moment of the day to thank our veterans that have served our country. A short speech that was composed by FF Ian Palmer ( USAF) was read by Captain Thomas, followed by a round of applause for our veterans.

We would also like to thank our firefighters that have served in the US Armed Forces.

Career FF Stephen Sudore (US Army)
Career FF Brian Lamendola (US Navy)
Career FF Ryan Kohlmeier (US Army)
Career FF Ian Palmer ( US Air Force)
Volunteer FF Patrick Oliveri ( US Army)

If you see a veteran today (or any other day), thank them for their service!


Peg Bowen November 11, 2020 at 12:36 PM
Thank you so much for your service!