Ridge Culver receives new Hydraulic Rescue Equipment
By Lieutenant Shane Metcalfe
February 12, 2019

Ridge Culver recently received our compliment of new Battery Powered Electro-Hydraulic Rescue Tools from Amkus Rescue Systems.

These tools were purchased off a FEMA Assistance to Firefighters Grant that we received this past fall (2018).

RCFD received nearly $70,000 in grant monies towards the purchase of these tools. Without these grant monies, this full compliment of needed extrication equipment would have taken years to procure. We were able to purchase (2) 28' Spreaders, (2) Cutters, (2) Rams along with accessory kits for the Rams and Spreaders and (12) Dewalt 60V batteries and (6) Dewalt chargers. One of the interesting facets of Amkus versus the other Electro-Hydraulic tool manufacturers is the ability to use Dewalt batteries (very common) versus proprietary batteries which are more often expensive and hard to come by.

This equipment will replace aging extrication equipment purchased in the late 1990's. Technology has grown significantly over the last 10 years and with the advent of Battery Powered Electro-Hydraulic Tools, our firefighters will no longer be handcuffed by the hydraulic reels and hoses which were standard in past models.

Many thanks to Grantmasters Inc. for their help in securing this needed funding for the taxpayers we serve!