Acquired house for training
By Captain Mark Thomas
March 21, 2019

Some of you might be noticing some activity at this old house on East Ridge Rd near the 104 eastbound bridge. The Town of Irondequoit currently owns this property and has it slated to be demolished, in preparation for the entrance to the new highway garage. Before the house is demolished, they have offered the property to the fire department to utilize for training.

The Town of Irondequoit has done their due diligence and is trying to get the most use out of an old building. The inside has been gutted of any useful wood trim,flooring, tin ceilings, doors, etc. All utilities have been shut off and the property is kept in a secure fashion.

The local fire department's will now have a rare chance to train on an acquired structure. This opportunity does not happen often. Many different disciplines of firefighting will be covered. Hose line advancement, search and rescue, ventilation, etc. There will be NO live fire in the structure. We will, however, be utilizing fake smoke that is non toxic and quickly disperses. The building will be secured at the conclusion of each training session. You will see Ridge Culver FD at the house on a regular basis. You will also see the other Irondequoit fire departments at the house. They will also be utilizing the house.

The house was originally owned by a charter member of the Ridge Culver Fire Department. We are honored to have this opportunity on such a great structure.

We will post pictures of our training evolutions for you to follow along!

Thank you, Town of Irondequoit.