New Smoke Detector law to take affect on April 1st 2019
By Firefighter Jeff Serenati
March 28, 2019

Did you know that RCFD offers Smoke Detector Installations? Ridge Culver has been offering this service since we received a federal grant for combination Smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarms in 2013. Our stock of those combination alarms has since been depleted. But thanks to the help of the Red Cross we continue to carry new Smoke Detectors for residents in need. These new detectors comply with the new smoke detector law going into affect on April 1st 2019. This law will require that all battery-operated smoke detectors sold in New York State be equipped with non-removable, 10-year batteries. If you are a district resident and are in need of a smoke detector or have questions about your current one call us at (585) 467-4241 ex 126 or email us at