Stubborn roof fire
By Captain Mark Thomas
May 14, 2019

At 0655 hrs on 5/14/19, the Ridge Culver Fire District responded to 1945 E. Ridge Rd. for smoke in the building. A tenant had arrived on scene, to open the building for the days business, and discovered smoke in the main hallway of the building. E182, 1C18, 1C48, and St. Paul FD E153 were dispatched on the initial alarm. With the discovery of moderate smoke on the second floor the assignment was upgraded to include St Paul FD Q150, Laurelton FD and Point Pleasant FD. West Webster and Rochester provided fill in companies to Ridge Culver and St. Paul, respectfully. Irondequoit Ambulance also provided a stand by crew, in the event of any injuries. After an extensive investigation, the source of the smoke was discovered. The framing structure and adjoining roof structure surrounding a roof top HVAC unit was found smoldering with extensive fire extension. Crews made quick work of exposing and extinguishing the burning roof area. After confirming the extinguishment of fire and completing the on scene fire investigation, the building was turned back over to management. The cause of the fire is under investigation, through the Monroe County Fire Bureau.


Richard Loce May 14, 2019 at 2:56 PM
Good job team!